Table Easel

Table Easel is another beautifully designed artist supporting tool from WoodSketch Designs. It is perfect for medium-sized, and built with a perfectly scaled frame for balanced weight support.  



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Table Easel

Table Easel is another beautifully designed artist supporting tool in our array of easels from WoodSketch DesignsThe table easel is made for painters to hold their painting while it is a work in progress. Our tabletop easel is perfect for medium-sized paintings with a maximum height of 22 inches (56.5 cm) allowance in between the top and bottom slider bars. Built with a perfectly scaled frame for balanced weight support. 

How The Table Easel Benefits You

Every artist must have their trusted easel. There is no best fitting tool for painting support than an easel.

✅Paint plein air – Can be used to Paint or Draw
✅Easy pack and go – foldable design with hoops for hanging
✅Ergonomic design – The user can work while sitting down, to lessen stress on the spine and lower body
✅Adjustable angle so you can use your arm’s full range of motion, and decrease the burden on your wrists
✅Sturdy and lightweight

Ergonomic Design

Our designer Table Easel also has the same built-in anti-skid rubbers as our other products to prevent sliding and ensures great base support. Installed with easy-sliding bars as well as easy-rotate knobs for smooth scaling and adjustment as part of its ingenious design. This tabletop device is yet again, durable and lightweight. Hanging it will be easy since we placed a hoop at the top of the easel mast for easy storage. You can simply adjust the knobs, fold it and hang on the wall when not in use.

Material Quality

We make sure to deliver only the best quality items to our customers and create products that are eco-friendly as it can be.

  • We manufacture the main body of our products using eco- wood refined from pine wood. The wood has gone through the full treatment process. The treatment process is not harmful to the environment and is non-toxic to humans, which is why it is called eco-wood.
  • The knobs we use are Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) type. This material has a great review of high durability, resistance to high temperatures, and resistance to most chemicals. We also chose the star knob because of its great ergonomic grip.
  • You can rest easy because we also use corrosion-resistant screws.
Professional and Stunning Display

Look pro by using our products with our trademark stylish two-toned wood colors for finishing. We know how much you value your tools, that’s why you should choose our brand for your artist tools!

Table Easel Dimensions and Weight
  • Dimensions: (L) 17 inches x Base (W) 12 inches x (H) 12 inches
  • Weight: 1,200 grams

Important Notes: All our products bear our signature logo plates. Only shop through our website and official Facebook Store to ensure the authenticity of your purchase.

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