Price Markdown

Price Markdown

Price Markdown, Because We Are One With The World  

Price Markdown! We just wanted to get the word out before you continue browsing through our website. We are one with the world in this uneventful pandemic that has affected thousands of lives and the livelihood of most people in the world. The Coronavirus that has befallen us all caused a blow and will continue to put a strain in our financial capacity. We understand that the world will have to adjust, and everyone will have to go through paramount changes. Big and small companies, employers, significant influencers, our governments, and non-government organizations, have done great work in delivering help to the people and providing assistance to those who need it most.

We at WoodSketch Designs, share the same heartfelt efforts, and so we are extending this sale as our gratitude to our dear customers who are patiently waiting for their orders.

Price Markdown To Benefit You

The Panagbenga Festival Sale is over, but not to worry, we are dropping the rates on all our products. Yes! You read that right. The Phone Easel sale that had ended will still be on its sale price at ₱ 1,299 and ₱ 1,599. All regular priced items will be on a 10% off discount.

10% discount not applicable on our bundle savers. 

WoodSketch Designs Cares For Our Customers

WoodSketch Designs hopes that our price markdown will genuinely be of good use to you. We want you to progress in your passion for arts and believe that our products will be a helping hand in your performance. The trials brought down by the coronavirus will not hamper your talent nor your energy for arts, and our artist tools will be with you side by side to the completion of your artwork.

Thank you for the continuous inquiries, placing your orders, and though expecting a delay in deliveries, enthusiastically awaiting your orders. We hope that dropping our rates will reach you as an attempt to give our support.

Time Out To Improve

Although our flow of life was suddenly interrupted, now is the time to explore your art! We can still be productive during this time of mass community quarantines. Use this time out to improve, to sharpen your skills, and indulge in your hobby. If you don’t have one, then start looking for something you love to do and use this moment for self-discovery. Write, sing, dance, cook, draw, paint, whatever it is that speaks to your soul. 

Social Media and The Internet At Our Advantage

Social media and the internet have done us a great aid by linking everyone to the outside world. Conveniently, there are lots of videos and tutorials online to keep us company and be our teacher. Of course, big thanks to the people who made these videos and shared them with us. Check out this blog to give you ideas on how to give purpose to your free time.

Finally, let us not forget the frontliners and the medical workforce who are putting themselves at risk to keep the world safe. 

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Price Markdown
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