Phone Easel with Accessories

Woodsketch Phone Easel with Accessories. It comes with a Pencil Holder and Mini Organizer Box.



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Phone Easel with Accessories

The Phone Easel with Accessories is an upgraded version of our signature wood phone holder. Additional features include 1 Pencil Holder with slots for 2 pencils and 1 Mini Organizer Box.  For easy accessibility of your pencils try attaching the pencil holder at the front and the box behind it. Another option is to interchange them since both pieces fit the insert holes on either side of the phone easel. The mini organizer box is suitable for small pieces that need to be set aside as the artist’s work progresses. This feature can help avoid losing the intricate pieces since the box can safely hold them until it is time to be utilized.

The Phone Easel Accessories set is a must-have

The phone easel accessories set will complete the WoodSketch Phone Easel user experience. Have all your artist tools ready on your workspace right in front of you. Keep your workspace clutter-free. No more scrambling on your desk only to find your pencils have rolled off the table because the Easel Pencil Holder will safely keep your artist pencils and pens. No more sweeping the table to look for that missing tiny decor for your artwork because now, you have the Easel Mini Box to save you. It is the perfect accompaniment to your phone easel holder.

How It Benefits You

The Phone Easel with Accessories has the signature sleek two-toned finish.  Its slim structure makes it a perfect choice for working when using your phone. This is a digital age where artists use their phones as a working tool. Viewing of reference images and various model photos while working on their pieces is the norm. No more scrambling on your desk for suitable support for your mobile. Because now, the Phone Easel is here to provide you with the best phone and visualizing support. Adjusting the angle of the support shaft is a quick and no sweat feature due to its easy-rotate knob installed. Goodbye to frequent re-adjustments to a perfect height, alignment, and angle. All these counter-productive measures are causing you to lose momentum by eating at your precious working time.

Material Quality

We make sure to deliver only the best quality items to our customers and create products that are eco-friendly as it can be.

  • We manufacture the main body of our products using eco- wood refined from pine wood. The wood has gone through the full treatment process. The treatment process is not harmful to the environment and is non-toxic to humans, which is why it is called eco-wood.
  • The knobs we use are Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) type. This material has a great review of high durability, resistance to high temperatures, and resistance to most chemicals. We also chose the star knob because of its great ergonomic grip.
  • You can rest easy because we also use corrosion-resistant screws.

Ergonomic Design

The Phone Easel with Accessories has built-in anti-skid rubbers to prevent sliding and ensures great base support. Allowing eye-level visualization for positive body ergonomics and incorporating easy-slide phone grip bars as well as easy-rotate knobs for smooth scaling and adjustment are all part of its ingenious design. This revolutionary easel is durable and lightweight hence, making it collapsible and allows it to fit in your studio without taking much space. Hanging it will be easy since we placed a hole at the top of the easel shaft for easy storage. You can simply adjust the knobs, fold it, and hang on the wall when not in use.

Professional and Stunning Display

Look pro by using our wood phone holder as a display for your phone or tablets. Stylish two-toned wood colors for finishing. We know how much you value your tools, that’s why you should choose our brand for your artist tools!

Phone Easel Dimensions and Weight
  • Phone Easel Dimensions: (L) 17 inches x (W) 4 inches x (H) 2.75 inches
  • Weight: 1500 g
Accessories Dimension and Weight
  • Easel Mini Box Dimensions:
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Easel Pencil Holder Dimensions:
  • Weight: 150 g

Important Notes: All our products bear our signature logo plates. Only shop through our website and official Facebook Store to ensure the authenticity of your purchase.

Free Shipping to anywhere in the Philippines!!!

Weight1500 g
Dimensions17 × 4.5 × 2.75 in

1 review for Phone Easel with Accessories

  1. Michael Silvestre

    The product is really made with good materials! Would buy again in the future.

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