Phone Easel Duo Bundle

Grab this duo bundle and save on your expenses. Two phone easels in one purchase because one phone easel is never enough. Save P499 pesos.



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Duo Bundle

The Duo Bundle is a package that consists of two phone easels in one purchase because one phone easel is never enough. Original release by Woodsketch Designs. Grab this duo bundle and save on your expenses. This package is perfect for artists with multiple projects. Its grip bars can hold a canvas or other visual reference material for the artist. The base has foot rubbers for additional surface grip and support. If digital graphic artists have multiple screens for display, the visual artist can have multiple phone easels for display.

Take Advantage Of The Phone Easel Duo Bundle

We made this Duo bundle for you. Enjoy the same top-grade quality we put in all our manufactured phone easel at a discounted price. Not only that! You also get to save from the total shipping cost instead of placing an order on two separate checkouts, why not get two items now and save big on your budget!

Phone Easel Quality

The Phone Easel with Accessories has the signature sleek two-toned finish.  Its slim structure makes it a perfect choice for working when using your phone. This is a digital age where artists use their phones as a working tool. Viewing of reference images and various model photos while working on their pieces is the norm. No more scrambling on your desk for suitable support for your mobile. Because now, the Phone Easel is here to provide you with the best phone and visualizing support. Adjusting the angle of the support shaft is a quick and no sweat feature due to its easy-rotate knob installed. Goodbye to frequent re-adjustments to a perfect height, alignment, and angle. All these counter-productive measures are causing you to lose momentum by eating at your precious working time.

Ergonomic Design

The Phone Easel with Accessories has built-in anti-skid rubbers to prevent sliding and ensures great base support. Allowing eye-level visualization for positive body ergonomics and incorporating easy-slide phone grip bars as well as easy-rotate knobs for smooth scaling and adjustment are all part of its ingenious design. This revolutionary easel is durable and lightweight hence, making it collapsible and allows it to fit in your studio without taking much space. Hanging it will be easy since we placed a hole at the top of the easel shaft for easy storage. You can simply adjust the knobs, fold it, and hang on the wall when not in use.

Dimensions: (L) 17 inches x (W) 4 inches x (H) 2.75 inches

The phone accessories set is not included in this purchase. Try our Phone Easel Accessories to get the complete set at a discounted price. It will save you cash rather than buying the phone easel and accessories separately.

All our products bear our signature logo plates. Only shop through our website and official Facebook Store to ensure the authenticity of your purchase.

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